rachel gatina appreciation week ★ day 4: favorite quotes


little oth things » [part 3/?]

top fifteen one tree hill characters
↪9. keith scott

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otp challenge: [6/7] scenes

top fifteen one tree hill characters
↪10. whitey durham


otp meme - [1/7] scenes:That’s the breakdown describing the Brooke Davis I’m looking for.”

OTH MemeBrotp [1/6] » Brooke and Nathan
"The two of us have been down very similar roads. We were in the same cliques first, we both felt the same pressures, the same expectations… So I think you know I get it."

rachel gatina appreciation week ★ day 3: favorite relationship

OTH Rewatch Meme » [3/?]
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Season 4 Episode 6 » Where Did You Sleep Last Night.